Gmail for Android Finally Lets You Recall Those Erroneous Mails

August 22, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is finally letting Android users experience some of the Gmail features, which until now were limited to the web version of the mail service. One of the biggest additions to the Android version is the Undo feature, which is making its appearance in smartphones after three years since it was first introduced in the platform.

Google officially rolled out the Undo feature in Gmail back in 2015 for the web edition of Gmail. This was despite the feature being experimented in Gmail Labs since 2009. The feature let people recall sent mails by tapping a button after the mail is sent. The feature was helpful for all, and let people recall erroneous mails like those being sent accidentally or to wrong recepients etc.

Surprisingly, Google later introduced the feature on iOS version of the app during November 2016. However, the feature still was absent from the Android version, but only until now. Undo feature appears on version 8.7 of Gmail for Android, and it works quite similar to how it works on the web version.

However, unlike in web version, the Android version lacks the ability to set the parameters for unsending, like time limit for which the Undo option remains available. Besides, there is also no option to disable it. So no matter whether you like it or not, Gmail will pull out the option for you for a short period for every mail you send from the app. The option will be bundled in a snackbar that will be displayed at the bottom portion of your display.

In addition to Undo option, Gmail has also introduced the new Confidential Mode on mobiles, which lets user send self-destructing mails to their contacts. Users can set the time under settings, and mails sent confidentially will disappear from both the senders and receivers list when the time limit is up. The feature can be found in the latest version of Gmail. You can head to Google Play on your device to see if the update is available for you.

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