Snapchat’s Android Redesign is Hiding within the App in Alpha Form

August 21, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Snapchat was at the receiving end of widespread backlash when they attempted to bring in a redesign to the photo sharing app. The redesign was so widely hated that it almost lost the charm it has brought up until then. Snapchat was quick enough to pull down the updates and revert the app to its original state.

But thankfully, the company’s attempt to provide a better and faster interface is still on the works, and this time, it appears to be neater as promised. The version we are speaking about is the Snapchat Alpha, which is currently in a hidden form inside the Android version. That’s good to hear, since it’s the Android user base that has been craving for a neat overhaul to make it on par with the iOS version.

Those concerns could apparently get eased with the new interface. Like said above, the app is hidden inside the Android version, and it’s currently a much early version of what we can expect. Still, Snapchat appears to have done a lot of groundwork in bringing up the Android version from scratches.

There are still a lot of missing pieces, like rough edges, missing controls and other bugs. Yet, the app manages to be smoother than the old one. Users willing to try it out would however have some work to do to enable it. Firstly, they should have the device rooted to grant the access to the app. That’s just the beginning as the process that continuous is also not an easy one. You can get more details from here if you are ready to take the risk.

Additional features like Emoji brush are also arriving with the new interface, giving a much required push for the Android users of Snapchat. The app might undergo various testing and feedback sessions from now. So don’t expect to catch the official redesign in its stable form immediately.

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