Dark Mode Makes a Cameo in Android Message; Likely to Make Comeback Soon

August 21, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google brought a big cheer on the face of many with the recent update for its default messaging app, Android Message. Version 3.5 of Android Messages had the niche ‘Dark Mode’ feature that turned the entire interface of the messaging app into dark mode that was catchy and materialistic at the same time. However, it now appears that the smile was short-living.

Some of the users have now started reporting that the dark mode had been taken down from Android Message, and this is despite having the app updated to its latest version. Alongside, Google has also pulled back the new materialistic interface that was present in the new update.

Along with the dark theme, Google also tweaked the interface of the messaging app by adding more materialistic elements. The solid blue bar on the top was removed for a uniform appeal within the app. The fonts of the app were also changed to suit the taste of the materialistic lovers.

The changes now appear to have disappeared, though it was sans an incoming update. If reports are to be believed, the rollover was a server side update from Google aimed at reverting the interface settings of the app to its previous state. It means that Android Message will continue to be the way it was, no matter if you have updated it to the latest version of not.

But there’s a silver lining, and it’s that the reverting process might not be a permanent one. Given that this was a server side update, Google has apparently taken down the update due to a possible detection of bugs or errors. Chances are also that the dark mode and associated changes were rolled out earlier than expected, the reason for why Google might have pulled the triggers to give it an official rollout later on.

A small period of wait would clear the air surrounding the sudden pullout. As of now, there wasn’t any official response from Google regarding the matter. Having the dark mode always takes the pain away from our eyes in addition to contributing to the overall aesthetics of the app. So we hope Google immediately addresses the issue.

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