Android 9.0 Pie Hits Pixel Smartphones; Available on Essential Phone Too

August 8, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is officially rolling out its next big Android iteration, the Android 9.0 Pie. Long called as Android P, the new version of Android has started hitting the Pixel devices. But quite intriguingly, the Android P is also being made available on the same day for a device which one would have guessed the least; the Essential Phone.

Created by former Android pioneer Andy Rubin, the Essential Phone wasn’t having a smooth ride. The creators of the device have confirmed the absence of a version 2.0, and it was followed by the handover of the division to external hands. But that hasn’t stopped the original device from gaining access to the latest version of Android.

With the arrival of Android 9.0 Pie, the Essential device has also become the first non-Pixel device to embrace the latest Android OS. Manufacturer customizations are barely to be expected, given the immediate arrival of the Android OS on the device. However, device owners will have many things to look forward to, like the in-built support for notch on the OS.

Android P comes with various new additions like support for notches, Adaptive Battery, improved Machine Learning, Notification Handling, etc. With Android Pie, the smartphone OS will handle notifications better, and will also learn user patterns of dismissing notifications to make it easier for the user to mute similar notifications in the future.

Google is also carrying its Machine Learning feature to other aspects, like battery with the addition of the Adaptive Battery feature. Similar to Adaptive Display that was introduced in the previous version of Android, the Adaptive Display will go through app usage patterns to cut down its various access and background functioning to save the juice of your device.

With the arrival of Android Pie on Pixel and Essential, we can expect the OS to get rolled out to other devices by fall. The list includes devices of a host of vendors including those of HTC, LG, OnePlus etc, all of which got access to the beta version of Android P.

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