Apple Adding a New feature on iPhones – Dual SIM

August 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is all set to launch iPhones with a new feature never seen before on the iOS terrain. The feature will be seen in any one of the three iPhones which the company is set to launch soon. Dual SIM support is what we are talking about.

There were rumors regarding this earlier but now Apple has confirmed the news. A part of the system that generates diagnostic reports comes with new references to ‘second SIM status and second SIM tray status’.

Another part of the code is in regard to ‘dual SIM device’, which proves that the company is working on the software essential to support dual-SIM functionality in their upcoming mobile OS. The second SIM tray mentioned reveals that there will be two physical slots for the SIM. This means that there will be no method of using an eSIM along with an actual SIM.

The rumors were that the upcoming expensive iPhone will feature the dual-SIM for some of its markets. This will be better for those iPhone users who have to carry two different handsets or who have opted for two different network options.

Another great beneficiary of this feature will be the traveler community. A traveller will be able to opt for another subscription and can still use their home country SIM. Nigeria, Brazil and Egypt are few of the countries, which are seen prominently using dual- SIM handsets. In places like the US, Canada and Australia these features are less in demand.

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