Facebook Looks to Rejig Navigation Bar As Per Your Interaction

August 2, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook is changing the way its users would be interacting with the navigation bar that floats on top and bottom of the app respectively on Android and iOS. According to new reports, the social media platform will shuffle the options that will be available in the navigation bar, and it won’t be a preset one for all either.

The revamped navigation bar won’t have permanent items stacked inside it. Instead, Facebook will decide what to place on the navigation bar based on how the user interacts with it. For a user who’s constantly engaged with videos, the Watch option would mostly get paired inside the navigation bar, while it would be the friend request that might appear for a person who frequently checks out requests.

At present, Facebook’s navigation features five options, which are the news feed, notifications, menu, Watch – the new video hub of Facebook, and Marketplace where users can carry out their ecommerce. The last two are available only in US, and are replaced by options like friend requests. News feeds, menu icon and notifications will still remain the way they are, as Facebook would only be playing around with the other two options in the navigation bar.

Initially, Facebook will pull out options based on the frequency of interaction of users with these options. However, report say that Facebook is planning to eventually give more control over users to choose what they want to interact inside the navigation bar. This includes handing out of option to select the options to be displayed in the navigation bar among your profile, friend requests, Marketplace, Groups and Watch.

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