Samsung’s Unbreakable, Foldable Screen Phones Coming Our Way

July 30, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Most of us have at least once lamented over the broken screen of our phones and wished for an unbreakable screen. This wish of yours is soon to come true. There is news that the South Korean phone maker company Samsung’s upcoming phones will feature flexible and unbreakable screen. This means that soon we will be able to see foldable smartphones.

On July 24, Samsung confirmed that it has received certification from Underwriters Laboratories for their new phone panel. This reveals that Samsung is all set to market phones featuring these panels.

Samsung says that the flexible OLED panel consists of an unbreakable substrate with an overlapping window attached to it, Samsung said. It also claims that the panel is unbreakable, unlike other current commercially available flexible displays which break when subjected to extreme impact.

The flexible OLED panel carries an unbreakable substance with an overlapping window attached. The company has claimed the glass to be unbreakable. Thus the panel will be different from the presently seen flexible displays which break when in extreme conditions. Apart from the phone sector the panel is likely to be used in automobiles, gaming, defence and various other non- phone segments.

Paving way to foldable phones, many of the Samsung products now come with curved display. In 2017 ZTE launched Axon M which features two screens connected by a hinge and could be folded to be used as a tablet. Thus Axon M might be the only one which features something similar to a foldable phone. Samsung will now market phones with real foldable display.

Apart from Samsung, Huawei is also working on similar screens. DJ Koh, President at Samsung had earlier disclosed that a folding phone will be launched this year.

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