Facebook’s Watch Party for Shared Video-Viewing is Coming to All

July 27, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook has been constantly upgrading the video viewing experience inside the social networking platform owing to its commitment to make the platform more video oriented. Along its push, Facebook has experimented with many features. Some of them are being enjoyed around the world by all, while some have bit the dust without the world knowing.

The latest experiment of Facebook is certain to go global though as it’s all about shared viewing of videos, something many of the users in the platform have long requested for.  Introduced into the platform a few months ago was Watch Party, which let users within a group watch videos together and simultaneously.

The feature was introduced in January, but was limited to a few groups. But Facebook has now announced that the feature will soon hit all groups across the globe. Facebook believes that Watch Party will serve best to those who share similar interests. But once alive for all, Watch Party can prove even more useful, like for deploying it for Q&A sessions, tutorials, craft making, cooking, etc. to name a few.

The other good news is that Facebook won’t be confining the Watch Party feature to groups. The company has revealed that the shared video-viewing feature is also currently being tested among users directly through profiles. This should certainly be a good push for users and businesses at the same time. Given the pace at which the feature has escalated from closed beta, we could soon be able to watch videos in Facebook without being in a group.

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