Google’s Chrome Browser Wants to Shame All Unsecured Websites

July 26, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Chrome is getting updated to newer version, and sadly there is no arrival of aesthetic improvement features as we have seen in the Canary version. Instead, v68 of Chrome is oriented around upgrading the security measures.

The latest update doesn’t offer security by blocking sites by its own, but instead, it has taken the route of shaming all those unsecure websites that doesn’t go through HTTPS security protocol. In short, Chrome wants to notify you whenever you are surfing through a website that in a sense peeks at your contents behind your shoulders.

Sites that don’t offer HTTPS security protocol will now be indicated to the users by displaying a warning message that reads ‘Not Secure’ along the address bar. It’s indeed an older approach, but Google has made encryption more crucial, as a result of which more common websites are now expected to be displayed as Not Secure.

Users can still browse the site like usual, and there won’t be restrictions over their interaction with the site. But it’s a nice little move to alert users that data shared with those websites aren’t encrypted, and can be or may be viewed by another party. The rest is up to the users to decide whether provide essential credentials like password, card data etc. to those sites.

The problem is that there are still many sites yet to get upgraded to HTTPS security protocol. The list is humungous and it includes many sites that are visited by many users on a daily basis. As for the websites, it’s a good move to get them updated with their security protocol so as to get eased from shaming.

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