Huawei Getting Rid of the Notch on its Next Device

July 25, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever since Xiaomi’s handset Mi MIX made its appearance on the web, discussions to let go off the bezels have been going on. Looking back, we have seen most of the smartphone makers working on expanding the display. In order to do this most of the companies implemented a notch, which prompted mixed reviews from the users.

Many preferred the 18: 9 implementation. With some opting for a larger display, companies like Vivo and Oppo worked on the full screen display. Huawei is now up with a solution to get rid of the notch.

As per the latest reports, Huawei is working on cutting a hole in the phone to place the front camera. Earlier there were rumors that Samsung was planning to do the same for its Galaxy S 10 flagship. The camera will be seen in its usual position, at the top.

In case of the sensors, Huawei has opted for a conventional, yet less expensive method. With a cunning design to flaunt, the earpiece and the host of sensors will be placed on the slim forehead of the phone. With this, the company aims to make a notch less design, thereby giving a larger display.

The new move by Huawei is different from what the other manufacturers had in mind. Vivo and Oppo ‘s new phones were equipped with a motorized sliding mechanism for the front camera thereby offering a larger display without a notch. With a sound casting technology, Vivo NEX removed the conventional earpiece.

Though Huawei has taken efforts to avoid the notch, the hole for the camera will still occupy some place on the phone. Details are not yet out. We will have to wait for the device to hit the market to know more, it seems.

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