Sony is Beefing Things Up with a 48 MP Sensor for Smartphone Cameras

July 24, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

No matter how backward they have gone in terms of smartphone innovations, Sony still lives up when it comes to certain individual aspects of it. We are speaking about camera, and Sony still has the fire inside to rollout some of the best sensors in the world that finds its place in most of the smartphones around the world.

The IMX sensor from Sony has set new standards, and it’s the reason why companies wait impatiently to get the latest news from Sony with regard to sensors. For them, Sony is now providing the awe-inspiring news of its latest camera sensor launch.

The IMX586 is the one under the limelight, and it’s the one that would certainly steal the show in the coming days. That’s simply because as far we know about the sensor in these early days, the IMX586 comes with massive 48megapixel specification, easily making it the highest resolution sensors for smartphones at present.

Indeed, things have changed a lot than just the pre-smartphone era, when mobile cameras were purely judged on the basis of the pixel counts in it. But Sony’s strategy of making big with the basics might prove to be good. There are still other factors that decide the overall output of an image captured through a sensor, but the fact remains that greater pixel count means better results in many ways.

With such high-resolution capacity, the IMX568 could include much further details than its nearest rival, and that comes in addition to high-sensitivity and high-saturation levels. With each pixel measuring 0.8 micrometers, the sensor measure only 8 mm, just large enough for a 1/2-inch type sensor. Additionally, the utilization of a Quad Bayer color filter by the IMX568 ensures that it delivers well in low-light conditions.

Still, the final outcome can only be analyzed once we have the real shots taken using the sensor from a smartphone. That might happen soon, as there is this possibility that Sony could debut the sensor in its upcoming Sony Xperia XZ3 device that’s scheduled to make its debut in September.

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