Instagram will Now Let You Know Who’s Online in a More Familiar Fashion

July 20, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For anyone who is active on social media, the green dot light reflecting right next to the persons online at that moment might be of very significance. Instagram never quite thought so, but only until now.

The media hosting app is now finally bringing in the green dot status feature to highlight the active persons on Instagram at the moment. The green dot will light up right next to the profile picture of your friends who are using Instagram at the time.

Indeed, there was this feature to let users identify active members with grey texts. But having a green light lit up is the more universally accepted way of identifying active people from a lot, and there have been only countable social media platforms where the green light presence has not yet made it.

The direct messaging too will bright up your online friends’ pictures. And if you want to dive in deep, you can check out your friend list from where you can spot the active persons too, thanks to the introduction of the green dots in friends’ list.

Instagram has however clarified that the green dot will appear only for people who follow you. The green light will light up even if that’s not the case, provided he/she should have a Direct Message conversation with you.

For those who wish to remain the way it was, you can have the green dot disabled too. Just head to the Activity Status option under the settings menu of Instagram to turn it off, and yes, it’s turned on by default. Users will still have the option to see the active information texts even if turning off the green dots.


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