Skype to Get Fresh Features; Call Recording is One of Them

July 18, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Telecommunication application software product Skype, which got launched in 2003, will soon allow you to record calls. When it comes to video calls, Skype was the most widely used application initially. But various other new applications took over and the prominence seemed to be fading a bit. The main reason why people started opting for other applications was the inferior updates and less number of features on Skype.

Microsoft recently announced some of the updates that will be brought on to the application in the coming months. Most of which are what the users actually wished for, and they include read receipts, private conversation, profile invites and finally the call recording.

Earlier, users had to depend on a third party plugin to do these things. Skype had listed some of the applications like Amolto call recorder, Evaer, iRecorder, Pamela, which could help users with these functionalities, on their FAQ page.

The new cloud- based call recording feature can be accessed from anywhere. This will be advantageous for people working on different devices as they will be able to access their conversation from anywhere. A person or a group of people on the other side of the conversation will be notified about the call being recorded.

The features are not yet out, though. The currently available Skype version 8.0 will receive the new features as an update. Microsoft has already rolled out some features which will make the users happy. Among this comes the feature where one can ‘@’ users. A chat media gallery which is already seen on WhatsApp, iMessage is also offered in Skype now.

The growth of the application remains static even though it has 300 million monthly users. Upcoming features are expected to bring a change to this. Moreover, it is likely to cut down the number of people leaving Skype.

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