Read Receipts Start Showing Up in Skype’s Latest Preview Build

July 6, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Read receipts might not be the feature you might want to see at first place in a personal messaging app. But the convenience of having the feature has become so accepted that it has even been carried forward to apps like iMessage and possibly on the RCS-enabled SMS services on Android too. The latest to acknowledge this convenience is Skype.

Skype, which can be unofficially coined as the father of video-call apps, has evolved a lot from being video-focussed to offering text-oriented features. The rollout of the read receipts is a part of the same. The feature is currently being tested in the latest Skype Preview build, and that’s a confirmation that it would be showing up inside the regular Skype at any point from now.

Unlike many other chat features, read receipts are popular and unpopular for the same reason, that it offers users the ability to see if the message was read, and not just delivered. For that matter, many apps have provided the ability to turn it off, and Skype will be embracing the same path apparently.

It’s a good thing, though it turns down the ability to both the parties inside a conversation. But at least you won’t have to make use of third-party extensions for turning it off on Skype.

Apart from knowing that the message has been read, Skype will also show details regarding when the message was delivered as well as read. The feature is available with the Skype Preview build 8.26.76, and is available across Skype’s entire chat offerings including individual and group chats. Users with the latest build might still not be able to get read receipts if the other user doesn’t have access to the latest build though.

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