Huawei Wants to Make Room for Wireless Earbuds in Its Next Smartwatch

July 4, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Wireless earbuds are a handy gadget, but it possesses the very same problem every tiny gadget in this word has: being lost. Almost every wireless earbuds nowadays offer carry case, but that won’t quite seem convenient for all. And once you have it taken out without the bundled case, chances are that you might end up misplacing your earbud.

Huawei is attempting to crack down this issue with an innovative solution. As per the company’s latest patent application, Huawei is attempting to build a smartwatch that will have room for you to store your wireless earbuds in it.

Huawei has applied for not just once, but multiple patents for pairing earbuds with its smartphone, all of which were approved by the World Intellectual Property Organization. Those include options like attaching the buds to watch band magnetically as well as embedding a small case in which the earbuds can be stored. Huawei is also seeking for a spring-release mechanism in which the earbuds can be affixed to sides of watch face inside capsules.

The patent application is never a guarantee that the storage compartment will find place in Huawei’s next smartwatch. But it’s highly likely, given the number of options they have sought out for. This could very well be the nifty feature that could distinguish the Huawei Watch 3 from the re st. A catch would be that the earbuds would be in-built and dedicatedly built for the Huawei Watch 3. So don’t expect to have your existing earbuds stored inside the smartwatch, at least for now.

Huawei was also reported to have received patents for gaming-focused smartwatch, gesture controls etc. Huawei could still end up rolling out its Watch 2 successor with none of the aforesaid features present inside. Or maybe they would have all of them bundled inside a single gadget. We would get to know more about that later on. The Huawei Watch 3 can be expected to get unveiled before MWC next year.

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