ZTE’s Hunt for an All-Screen Display Ends in a Smartphone with No Front Cam at all

July 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphone manufacturers are toiling to find out a solution for an all-screen display sans the notch. A couple of Chinese manufacturers have even come closer than ever before courtesy of mechanized sliders to hide the front cam and associated sensors. But in no way that appears to be a permanent solution as manufacturers are still behind alternate solutions to extend the real estate to the maximum.

Now, it appears like ZTE has come up with rather an easy solution to have the notch removed, and that is to entirely remove the front-camera from the device. ZTE is said to be ditching the front-cam in the device for an all-screen display on the front side with its upcoming device, the Nubia Z18S. What it means is that users will have to rely on the secondary camera for snapping selfies or for carrying out video calls.

Indeed, that sounds like an old-school approach, but ZTE isn’t becoming ignorant with this approach either. Instead, they are just attempting to leap ahead by offering a dedicated secondary display at the rear side for all the front-cam associated applications.

Users will still have to turn back their device to take selfie snaps or carry out video calls. But it’s not a bad option considering that it get rids of the mechanical sliding parts from the device. Also, we are also now hearing of instances where the front-cam module is being popped up during unwanted instances.

To recall, ZTE won’t be the first to feature secondary display on the back. Devices like the YOTAPHONE have previously come up with dual-display options, but none has yet had its secondary display dedicated to front-cam applications.

We still won’t be able to judge how good the solution from ZTE would turn out to be. Initial prediction on the basis of ease of access and convenience is that the concept won’t be making it to more than a couple of ZTE devices. But who knows, we can only have the real experience once we have the device on hand. And at least, it’s good to see more and more solutions being thrown in from manufacturers to get rid of the notch.

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