Light, the 16-Lens Camera Maker, is Stepping into the Smartphone Industry

July 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Light made quite some headlines a few months back by introducing point-and-shoot camera with an array of 16 lenses. The jury is still out on the actual result, but the fact that the company managed to deliver DSLR-alike images in a point-and-shoot form factor is worth appreciating. Now, they want to take a step ahead by shaking up the camera segment among smartphone.

The company is now said to be working on smartphone prototypes that would come with more than just two or three camera sensors like what we are witnessing today. The prototypes being experimented are bundled with multiple lenses including one with five lenses on the rear face, and one with even nine sensors on the rear side.

The exact specifications of the camera haven’t been revealed. But we can expect the technology to work in a way similar to that of the L16 camera, i.e. by taking snaps with lenses of different focal lengths and combining them to deliver images with better quality.

What’s not clear until now is whether Light will have its own brand introduced into the smartphone industry. Reports suggest that Light could be tying up with manufacturers to introduce its technology into their devices. That shouldn’t matter, as we would be guaranteed of the Light-camera technology inside a smartphone form either way.

But what matters is the pricing. The L16 retailed at a hefty tag, close to $2000. Light is indeed cutting down the number of lenses for its smartphone device, but we need to see how much that would affect the pricing. If Light decides to stick around with its prevailing price range, we would have to see how far people will be ready to spend for having a few more lenses added to their smartphones.

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