Microsoft wants to Narrow PC-Smartphone Rift with a Pocketable Surface

July 2, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s becoming quite a while since we have started hearing about the ambitious project from Microsoft called the Andromeda. Prospected as a real gamechanger in the computing industry, Andromeda is Microsoft’s attempt to bridge the gap between PCs and smartphones in the most cutting-edge manner.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had many details about the device till date. But now, new leaks have started appearing giving us what might be the first official description about Andromeda from the makers.

According to a leaked document, Microsoft is readying up the Andromeda as a Pocketable Surface. That doesn’t quite exactly reveal the nature of the device. However, it’s pretty enough to relate the device to the previous rumors that have pointed out features like dual display.

Surface was Microsoft’s first attempt in revolutionizing the computing world post the advent of the smartphone era. Surface is nowhere close to having achieved that goal. But it could possibly do that in the coming years, and referring Andromeda as a Pocketable Surface makes absolute sense.

The Andromeda is expected to be packing both hardware and software changes that would bridge the gap between PCs and mobiles in a never-before manner. On the software side, we have the Windows being readied up for ARM architecture, while it would be technologies like folding dual-display that Microsoft is trying to bring in on the hardware side.

We have already seen various attempts of a folding dual-screen setup, even in mobiles. But Microsoft would seemingly prove distinct from them by having a single panel display that could be folded and used as what they rightly call the Pocketable Surface. Needless to say that the Surface Pro has set new benchmarks in terms of laptop computing, and carrying forward that to the mobile level is what the computing world is anticipating for.

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