Google Maps is Finally Bringing in the Most Useful Feature from Waze

July 2, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Maps is naturally the first choice for almost all smartphone users when it comes to navigation. The navigational app from the house of Google dominates because of more than just a couple of features. However, there are still a few areas where Google Maps misses out when compared to similar apps.

Community interaction is one such area. Indeed, interaction and user reporting isn’t something that is accustomed to a navigational app. But Waze has changed the way of navigation completely by including updates right from the user and feeding them to the rest in its community. Despite Waze being owned by Google, Google Maps have refrained from including what is considered as the most helpful feature from navigators in Waze. But that could be about to change.

An APK teardown by Android Police has previously revealed the references to incident reporting from users, and now it has started appearing for some users as well. Accordingly, Google Maps is now prompting users to report incidents like roadblocks, accidents, police sightings etc. None of the users have experienced the output, but it seems like Google is laying the platform for a user-involved navigational experience in Google Maps like Waze.

The screenshots disclose that Google Maps give direct reporting when prompted. But additional reports also suggest that Google Maps will let users update with more relevant information by interacting with the notifications.

There isn’t any info on what all reports Google Maps will be seeking from the user. As far as we can predict, that would include crashes, speed cameras, speed traps and more. The list can get evolved over time, but what matters is the confirmation from Google regarding the arrival of the feature. The feature has been reported only by Android users, so we can expect the feature to make its debut on Android before it heads out to iOS.

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