YouTube Finally Makes Picture-in-picture a Non-Costly Affair on Android

June 30, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Picture-in-picture mode was one of the touted features of Android Oreo ahead of the OS launch. But it got quite submerged post the launch due to lack of third-party support. One with which we all expected to make the most of the picture-in-picture was YouTube. But until now, YouTube had made the feature a costly affair by limiting it under the subscription service. But that won’t be the story anymore.

Starting with the latest update, YouTube will start offering the support for picture-in-picture feature in Android to all the users of the YouTube app, and yes, without any charges. Until now, the feature was available only for the YouTube Red, Premium and Google Play Music subscribers.

Picture-in-picture ensures that app functioning gets displayed on screen even if exiting the app. This makes it very useful for various applications including video playback, navigation etc. to name a few. With YouTube being the app where videos are mostly played on a normal Android device, the support makes better sense, albeit getting rolled out late.

There is a still a catch though, as the picture-in-picture mode inside YouTube won’t be working with all of the YouTube videos. The exceptions are the music content videos, not all of them. Additionally, the feature is currently available only in US, though we can expect a global rollout soon.

Users will get the feature turned on by default if updating YouTube app on Android to the latest version. Just click the home button while watching videos and you are ready to go with the picture-in-picture mode. And remember, picture-in-picture is supported only on devices running Android Oreo and up.

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