This Case can Protect Your Device from Drops, No Matter How They Fall

June 30, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphone case is an inevitable item for many of the smartphone users out here. It’s not that they can’t live without covering the original aesthetics of their device, but cases are mostly used purely due to the fact that smartphone needs protection.

Despite that, cases aren’t the end solution when it comes to protecting your device. Even the most rugged casing fails to protect your device. Much of that depends on how your smartphone makes the landing. This very concern is what has provoked the brain of Philip Frenzel, an engineer at Aalen University in Germany, to come up with an innovative casing for smartphones to protect them from any type of falls, and the result is the ADCase.

At first sight, the ADCase is a casing like any other, wrapping around your smartphone like a normal silicon or rubber case. But the difference comes noted when you accidentally drop your device. Arising out of the corners will be eight spring-embedded curls that can prevent your device from making contact with the floor, no matter on which angle it falls.

The ADCase makes use of sensors inside to detect free falls of the device. Once detected, the springs are popped out of the casing in a jiffy so that your device doesn’t take any impact of the fall. The casing ensures that the impact is transferred over to the springs upon making a couple of bounces. The metal curls can then be brought back with just a pinch and a push to restore the smartphone form. There are batteries inside, and interestingly, these can be charged wirelessly as well.

While having retractable metal curls around your device might not sound too convenient or aesthetic, it still is one of the best solutions you have to prevent your device from accidental drops. Moreover, Frenzel has also carefully designed the casing in such a way that it properly fits with your smartphone. The casing measures only around 5mm thick, and that’s incredible considering that some of the not-so rugged cases too measures above that.

There is a patent already applied for the casing, and Frenzel is planning to take his class project into Kickstarter. So we could hear about the pricing details at that point of time.

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