Instagram Rolls out Lite Version of the App to Select Markets across the World

June 29, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Instagram becomes the latest to embrace the trend of rolling out a lighter version of the app to ease off data and storage woes of the users. The media-hosting app has quietly rolled out Instagram Lite app for Android users with the least of storage demands.

Instagram Lite consumes only around 500Kb of space for installation. That makes the main app appear too hefty, given that it takes up around 32MB of storage during installation. For that mere space, users will still be able to post photos to feeds and Stories, watch Stories, add filters, discover using Explore tab etc.

There are limitations though, which can be expected for that size. Those include inability to share videos, direct message, access new Instagram features etc. The app has just recently rolled out a slew of features to the main app like video chat and new filters for stories.

Certainly, these won’t be available in the lite version of Instagram. The recently launched IGTV also won’t be a part of the Lite version. Instagram has also simultaneously added licensed music to the platform, letting users add background music to their posts on Stories.

Currently, Instagram Lite appears to be in the testing phase as its availability is limited to select markets across the world. There’s no word on when it would be expanded to other regions. We can expect developing markets to be the areas where the app would hit first, though it wouldn’t be a surprise if it rolls out to developed markets given the popularity of Lite variant of Facebook and Messenger in such markets.

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