LG’s V40 Flagship to House the Most Number of Camera Sensors in a Smartphone

June 27, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Huawei opened the gates for triple-lens camera technology with the P20 Pro flagship device. But until now, no other manufacturers have shown the boldness to follow that path, and if reports are to be believed, LG would be the first to jump the bandwagon.

LG V40, the prospected successor to the LG V30/35 flagship deviceS, is now reported to feature triple-lens system to take its camera capabilities to its new level. But what could catch the headlines even more is that the device could surpass the P20 pro with the overall number of sensors used.

Huawei’s P20 Pro managed to pair a single front facing camera along with the triple-lens camera at the rear, taking the total tally to four. Now that’s not a number that made debut with the P20 Pro, as we have already seen the combo of dual-lens in the front and rear faces in some devices.

That number would be going up a notch with the LG V40, as the flagship device will have both a dual-cam front facing camera and a triple-lens rear camera. Indeed, it means that the LG V40 would have a total of five camera lens arrayed, making it the first ever device to pack such hefty camera hardware.

Interestingly, the dual-cam front facing will also come with 3D mapping capabilities that would help the company introduce its own version of the FaceID used in iPhone X. Unfortunately, LG V40 wouldn’t be the first Android to feature hefty sensors for Face recognition, as we already have the Xiaomi Mi 8 featuring iPhoneX-like face recognition system.

The advanced sensors also confirms the presence of notch in the V40, which will also carry forward other features like Quad DAC audio, dedicated Google Assistant button etc. Hopefully, there would also be a fingerprint sensor on the rear side of the device.

LG’s V40 is expected to launch during summer, so there won’t be a big wait before we get to know more details about the device.

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