Amazon Alexa can finally Hear and Respond to Your Voices in iOS

June 27, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon has updated the Alexa app to finally give iOS users the ability to interact with the digital assistant using their voice. The arrival of the feature follows the earlier word from Amazon that guaranteed a slew of features including access to voice control through the Alexa app.

The ability to control Alexa through voice was limited to Android at first, and Amazon promised for an iOS rollout of the feature earlier this year. With the feature now being made available, iOS users will be able to perform a range of voice-controlled actions using Alexa like controlling smart home accessories, asking queries, music playback and more.

The availability of the feature comes as a result of Amazon’s desire to expand its personal assistant to multiple platforms. However, Alexa still wouldn’t have an all-out control on the iOS due to Apple’s own restrictions imposed in favour of its own digital assistant Siri. It means that users won’t be able to invoke Alexa with a voice command from anywhere. Instead, Alexa can only be voice-controlled from within the Amazon Alexa app.

It can be a letdown for many who were hoping to get things done without having to work their fingers. But Alexa’s capabilities aren’t limited by any means once you are inside the app. Users can use almost all sorts of voice commands available for Alexa like in other platforms, and it can be used to control a host of services and connected devices. The services include asking Alexa questions, searches, weather and news updates, calendar, music control. In addition, users will able to access skills using Alexa in iOS.

You can check out all the possible actions yourself by downloading the latest version of the Amazon Alexa app from App Store for free.


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