Oppo Takes an Even Bigger Step to Kill the Notch with Find X Smartphone

June 20, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Notches are everywhere these days, but that’s not an implication that notches are here to stay. Apparently, notches are just the pit stops for the smartphone technology along its transition from the 16:9 bezel displays to all-screen display.

That’s evident as Chinese manufacturers have already got their hands upon the notch-killing works. Vivo has already wowed us with its all-screen display and pop-up camera. Now it’s the turn of another Chinese manufacturer, Oppo.

Quite apparently, Vivo has set the path for many Chinese manufacturers to follow with its pop-up selfie camera. Oppo too had taken the same path with the newly announced Find X smartphone, but on a whole new level.

Oppo’s Find X smartphone doesn’t just pops-up a section when you want your selfie camera. Instead, it just lifts up the entire top portion of the smartphone under which the 25MP camera sensor is hidden. The idea is quite compelling, and Oppo has just brought a new dimension to pop-up by with the quick-action motorized slide action of the camera module.

The Find X is also distinct in terms that it’s not just the front-cam that is hidden under the hood. Oppo has also managed to squeeze in the dual 16-megapixel rear cameras inside the sliding unit, which Oppo calls Stealth 3D. It means that you have to rely on the motorized slider to access both the front and rear cam, which quite practically, could be irritating for many.

But as said before, Oppo’s smartphone does manages to do what it’s supposed to do – cut all bezels. With a 6.42-inch display of over 90% screen-to-body ratio, the Find X also manages to add curves to the sides of the display, quite similar to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 devices.

With the camera unit kept hidden, the Find X looks much like the Samsung flagship, but of course, with lesser bezels on top and bottom. Even with the camera unit lifted, the bezels appear to be comparitevly similar in size to that of the Galaxy S9, which is quite remarkable for a company that isn’t fighting with the top-end flagships.

Oppo’s Find X is set to be made available from August, and it will be coming out with all top-end specifications you can expect in a 2018 flagship. Those include 8GB RAM, flagship Snapdragon 845 SoC, 3,730mAh battery with the proprietary fast-charging battery, 256 GB storage etc.

Like the Vivo Nex, the Find X too generates concern over stability given the inclusion of a sliding unit inside a smartphone. Moreover, the concern is of greater extent as the unit takes up the entire width of the smartphone. Durability concerns would certainly be looming in addition to case compatibility issues, dust and water –resistant concerns, etc.

Additionally, there is also no fingerprint sensor embedded in-screen or on the rear face. Oppo is relying on the ED face-recognition features coupled along with the front-cam. We don’t know if that’s as robust as that of in iPhone X. Add to this the delay for popping up the camera unit, and Oppo’s bypassing of the fingerprint sensor seems to be a less cheery option.

The Find X will be making it out to the market by August, and it will be available for a price of £999 across Europe. Clearly, Oppo is gearing up to take on the top-end flagship market dominated by the likes of Galaxy S9, iPhone X, and Pixel smartphones. And they do have the edge, given the stunning screen-to-body ratio and that too in arguably the best possible way at present.

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