Google Maps New For You Tab Tested Among Select Users

June 20, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google previewed several new updates for Google Maps during its annual I/O developer conference. A notable one among those was the new For You tab, which was promised to arrive later this year. Apparently, Google has already set the balls rolling for the entry of the new feature as few users have now been reported to have been using the feature inside the app.

The feature is currently getting rolled out to a closed group of select users, with whom it is being tested in an unfinished state. Like detailed during the conference, the feature offers a customised view of trending places in areas that a user can select under new tab.  Updates from the selected spot will be fed to the user under the tab, and these can be curated lists from publications.

Clicking on those will take you to the AMP page that also has a link to view the places on map. A user has posted on Reddit that the feature is still under testing, as a result of which the app is led to crash upon clicking the option at the moment. But it’s certainly expected to be a big addition as users could navigate to a location right through the article.

According to the report from Android Police, the For You tab will also be updated automatically as per the search history of a user. The main view of the tab will feature notable spots that will be updated over a weekly period. Additionally, users can also add places to favourites or want to go lists.

The tab will also feature a modern look, falling in line with the updated Material Theme design of Google Maps. So we can expect the feature to get official once the new redesign hits Google’s navigational app.

Meanwhile, Google Maps has also silently removed the option to book Uber caps from within the apps. Users will now be directed to open the app instead of getting the ride book directly through the app. Google had initiated the move earlier for the iOS version, and is now completing it by taking down the option from the Android version of Google Maps.

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