Android Message Closing In on iMessage with Desktop Support via Web

June 19, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has already previewed its Chat feature, the RCS-supported texting service that would let users have more than just normal SMS services in their default messaging application in Android. With such an upgrade inbound, pairing of web support with the platform seemed inevitable and here it is, finally.

Google has launched the web version of Android Message that would let users access their conversations in Android Message through desktops. Users can get their conversations synced using a browser of their wish and the process is similar to how apps like Allo and WhatsApp established the connection.

To start syncing, users will have to scan a QR code displayed on the web version of Android Message using their Android device. This would establish a connection between their Android and desktop with which they can receive all the texts and messages and reply to them through the browser edition. Users will have to keep sure that their Android remains connected to the net. It’s also advisable that you turn on your Wi-Fi to bring down carried data consumption.

Google has been on pursuit for an iMessage rival for so long. iMessage feature is indeed one of the biggest pro of iOS over Android, and it’s also the prime reasons for many to stick to iOS regardless of the availability of alternate messaging apps. Their effort has churned out unsuccessful outputs like Allo, but Android Message seems to be heading in the right direction.

Google has already incorporated various carriers for enabling RCS that would bring in features like read receipt, image and video support, typing indicators etc. to the text messaging app. With Android Message becoming the first to grab the RCS support, we can the default messaging application from Google to remain the default even after passing through manufacturer reforms.

In addition to web support, Android Message is also receiving a few noticeable updates like support for built-in GIF search, expansion of supported carriers for smart replies, inline link previews, etc.

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