WhatsApp Working with Microsoft to Develop a UWP App for Windows Desktops

June 18, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

WhatsApp is among the few developers that constantly try to deliver updates to the Windows Phone version. And that’s despite Facebook, the parent company of WhatsApp, giving out the least to the Windows Phone users.

The case is different with WhatsApp as they have rolled out some rich features to the Windows Phone version. Now, they are taking a step ahead by taking the whole WhatsApp experience to Windows-running PC devices.

According to newly emerged reports, WhatsApp is said to have been working closely with Microsoft to develop a proper desktop app. The app will be designed under the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), for which the concept art was recently showed for a short time on Behance. As per the details, the app will merge in to the Windows ecosystem with native features and UWP design tenets including acrylic transparency.

WhatsApp does have an app for the Windows PC devices, but that’s just a mere port of the web version of WhatsApp. Similar to the web version, the existing Windows version lack a lot of features including the ability to handle video calls and voice calls and status support.

WhatsApp would probably eliminate these loopholes with its new UWP app for the Windows. The concept art has already displayed buttons for placing calls, so it does sound promising in that regard. But the service could be limited with Windows devices with telephonic capabilities.

As with the desktop version without telephonic capabilities, the app is expected to work as a relay service that would sync the WhatsApp data with their account on an Android or iOS. It would still have better features than the existing one though. Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed its association with WhatsApp for the work, so we would have to wait to get more details including the date of release of the desktop app.

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