Gmail Using AI and ML Capabilities to Get Rid of Unwanted Mail Notifications

June 18, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is now deploying artificial intelligence to help people with the management of Gmail notifications. The iOS version of Gmail is now getting updated with a new feature that will automatically turn off notifications for mails that it finds to be of less priority.

The feature is a part of the set of new features and redesign which Google showcased a couple of months ago. People will have the ability to turn on priority notifications so that Gmail will send you only those notifications that it feels are important.

Google says that it uses an algorithm that makes use of artificial intelligence and machine learning capability to sort out the priority of the mails. Google’s new feature for Gmail should help people to get rid of notifications for spam emails and random newsletters.

The feature can be turned on by heading to Settings menu in the Gmail app from where you can set the High Priority only option from the Notifications drop-down. Additionally, Gmail will also notify you of the new feature at the home page, which would help you to turn on the smart notification feature straight away.

The new notification feature isn’t the only option that was demoed earlier by Google for better handling of unwanted mails. A new shortcut was also demonstrated that, with the backing of Gmail’s AI algorithm would help users to easily unsubscribe from the annoying newsletters with just a single tap on the screen.

At present, the feature is available only on iOS version of Gmail, though an Android update can be expected soon that would add the smart notification feature to Gmail for Android. It’s also to be noted that the feature will be made available in Gmail for iOS through a server-side update.

Users won’t be required to update their app to enjoy the feature, but they must make sure that they are already running the latest version available in the App Store. The feature is getting rolled out gradually, and will hit the entire iOS devices in a few days’ time.

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