Gmail Now Lets You More Than Just Archive Your Mail with a Swipe

June 14, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Gmail is getting a complete overhaul on the web edition with new Material Design interface and additional options like Smart Compose and Nudges. But that hasn’t stopped Google from improving the smartphone version of its mailing app.

Gmail for Android is now getting updated with a new feature that is focussed on improving the ease of use. We are speaking of new swipe options that let users invoke new actions by just swiping over a mail inside the Gmail app on an Android device.

Until now, the swipe was enabled only for archiving the mails, but with the new feature, users can choose from a set of actions to decide what is to be done when swiping inside the app. To customise, just head to the settings in the Gmail app from where you can find the new Swipe actions option available.

Apart from the default archive option, users can now select from additional options like delete, mark as read/unread, move to, or the snooze option. Users not fond of the swipe option can also turn it off by selecting none from the list to completely disable the swipe option. The actions will be applicable across the app once the settings are tweaked.

The feature is available with the latest update version, i.e. v.8.5.20, though it’s not yet confirmed whether Google is enabling the feature through a server side update. The change log for the latest version doesn’t mention about the new feature, but we haven’t seen the feature on older versions either. Be it either way, users now have the choice to alter the action when they swipe over a mail, whether to left or right.

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