Google Outlines Dos & Don’ts of AI under New Dedicated Policy

June 11, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has laid out a new policy for its development of artificial intelligence, which is the company’s first ever since it began working on AI and related products. The detailed document, which was released by Google chief Sundar Pichai, lists out the objectives of the applications that would revolve around artificial intelligence.

The objectives will be the guidelines for governing all the applications and services that uses Google’s AI as a tool to get the work done. Additionally, Google has also listed a set of objectives that would restrain its AI services from working for specific purposes. Those include technologies that would harm people like weapons and surveillance instruments.

Google although clarified that it would continue providing its AI assistance to government bodies and military in applications like cyber-security, training, military recruitment, veterans’ healthcare, and search and rescue.

Under the objectives, Google has mentioned that its AI-based would be services would be developed keeping in mind the necessity of it being socially beneficial and accountable to the people. Google has also stressed on safety aspect of its AI tools and services, explaining that continued development process will be carried out to apply strong safety and security practices to avoid unintended results.

Privacy Principles will also be incorporated in the development and use of AI technologies under which the appropriate transparency and control over the use of data would be provided by the company. Google will also make sure that its AI technology would be made available to the rest only on condition that the principles are strictly followed.

As with the restrictions, Google clearly mentions in its policy that the AI tools won’t be used for any technology that cause or directly facilitate injury to people. Technologies that contravene commonly accepted principles of international law and human right would also be restricted from gaining access to the AI technologies and tools developed by Google.

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