LG to Line Up Notched Displays for Google Pixel 3 XL

May 31, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Pixel fans were welcomed with a not-so surprising news this week after it emerged that Google’s bigger device from the successors would be sporting a notch on its display. The jury is still out on finding whether there exists love for the notch, but Google is not waiting to heed to the result.

As a matter of fact, the bigger devices among the Pixel 3 smartphones is all geared up to welcome notch displays. Pixel 3 XL was earlier reported to be featuring notch on its display, thanks to an early leak that showcased the screen-protectors for the upcoming device.

Interestingly, now it appears that those screen protectors will be covering none, but a display from LG. Korean publication Digital Daily has reported that Pixel 3 would be sporting an OLED panel from LG in its upcoming range of flagship device.

Google has a long history of tying up with LG for not just display, but instead for the entire hardware. The love still prevailed in the Pixel devices, with Google opting for LG displays in its flagship smartphone. That’s about to iterate again with Pixel 3.

But would that be for the good? We would have to see how well LG upgrades its displays as Pixel’s OLED displays aren’t something which looks awe-inspiring to many. No other details were revealed in the report by Digital Daily, but it does indicate that things could get costly.

The notch display, as reported would be costing at least 25% more than the regular OLED panels. An alternate solution would be to switch to the LCD panel, which although we know is never a solution Google would stick to. But even that be the case, Google will find it hard to keep the pricing lowered as LG’s notch displays with the notch are said to cost just the same as that of a regular OLED panel of the same size.

As from earlier leaks, we do know that Google won’t be housing advanced facial recognition in the notch. Additionally, Pixel 3 XL and Pixel 3 will also be retaining the front-facing speakers despite the attempt to grab more real estate in the front. Indeed, that should be music to the ears for many.

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