It’s Poll Time for Stories on Facebook Messenger

May 31, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s poll is an intriguing feature, and that’s the very reason why it has got spread to few places rather than getting constrained within the Timeline. In fact, polls have even been taken out for a run in Instagram, which indeed proved successful that it’s now available for all the stories you post through the photo-hosting app.

However, there was still a space left for polls to invade, and that was inside the Messenger stories. Despite invading Stories of Facebook and Instagram, and even inside the Messenger app, polls were left unused in the Stories section of the Messenger app. But that’s now a gone story.

Messenger has now made it easy for users to post quick stories seeking opinion from their Messenger buddy by enabling polls inside Messenger stories. Users will no longer be required to create group chats with hefty participation to gather feedback from a broader section as all they have to do now is just pop up a story with a poll.

It’s also easier to create polls through Messenger stories. Polls sticker are available for being placed inside the Messenger Stories, and it can be dragged along so that you can place it anywhere you want inside the story.

Questions and answers for voting have to be input right while making the story, and it’s ready to go once you share it with your friends. Users will also be able to see real-time results for their poll with results being updated every time you get back to the story. People can also comment to the polls in the form of direct replies.

The update follows the big revamp of Messenger that was revealed at the F8 event by Facebook recently. That included a new design for the Messenger app along influx of a whole bunch of AR features.

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