Vivo Apex Not Anymore a Mere Concept Device; Launching Next Month in China

May 24, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Vivo just recently amazed the world with one of its concept device, called the Apex, which featured a novel solution for maximizing the display real state. The smartphone made use of a sliding mechanism that accommodated the front-facing camera, giving the edge-to-edge display that extra space which would have else been reserved for the front-cam.

Back during its revelation, Apex insisted that the device was a prototype, adding that there was no intention to make it undergo mass production. But things seems to have changed since then, as the Chinese manufacturer is now readying up to make the device available for the end users.

According to information released by the company, an event will be held in 12th of June in Shanghai, China where it would be launching an all-screen device as hinted in the invite. The smartphone looks stunningly bezel-less on the depicted image, though there’s no confirmation on whether it’s the same Apex smartphone.

But comparing the looks and going by the fact that there appears no notch on the device, we can conclude that Vivo will be launching its Apex to the market by next month. That also falls in line with their recent suggestion that Apex could go into production by mid 2018.

We are not sure what actually caused Vivo to take the u-turn.  Possibility is that the company might have heeded to user feedback received since then. Be it whatsoever, it’s always good to see a prototype device making it to the market, and that too when it’s packed with innovative features that could change the game in the smartphone industry.

While having mechanical parts definitely raises concern over its life, access and durability, Vivo’s effort does deserve applause for cracking the front-cam conundrum associated with all-screen display. Vivo won’t be the sole player to come out with an impressive edge-to-edge display, as Lenovo will be launching its Z5 smartphone, which according to claims will feature a screen-to-body ration of above 95%. The period ahead looks definitely interesting.

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