Samsung Smartwatch Likely to Return to Android This Year

May 22, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung is truly among the early adopters of smartwatch technology. Even before Google came up with a dedicated platform for the smartwatch, Samsung came out with its own custom built Android-based smartwatch.

But the lackluster reception it received in the markets forced the South Korean manufacturers to switch to its Tizen OS. Samsung did make a short-lived return to the Android ecosystem with the Gear Live, but it hasn’t though embraced upon what the most tailored smartwatch platform from Google, the Wear OS.

But that’s about to happen as new reports suggest that Samsung is now planning to make a return to Android with its smartwatches. That said, Samsung will also re-ignite the Galaxy branding for its smartwatch if making the return to Android ecosystem with a Wear OS based Gear smartwatch. Samsung dropped the Galaxy branding for its smartwatch following its shift to the Tizen OS.

Additional reports also hint towards a new Gear S smartwatch in the making, or more precisely, the Gear S4. There is no word on whether the smartwatch is the same that is rumored to pack the Wear OS. But Samsung could utilize on that.

Recent Gear S smartwatches have been more inclined towards the fitness aspect, and seldom did it tweak to up the true smartwatch experience. But with Wear OS in the background, the Galaxy Gear S4 could do much more than just what a fitness tracker would do. And that seems much needed, given the fading image of its flagship smartwatch line up.

The Gear series has apparently been overshadowed by the smartwatch experiences of other Wear manufacturers. This, coupled with the fact that there’s a still lot to travel before it takes on the likes of Fitbit, makes it almost inevitable for Samsung to embrace the Wear OS platform. Additional details aren’t available, and neither is there a word from Samsung regarding the matter. But if it happens this way, then we could get to know more before the fall release window right this year.

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