Google Duo Starts Rolling Out Screen Sharing Feature with the New Update

May 21, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google’s Duo was one app that struck the right chord with the Android users, unlike Allo. The immense popularity of the app has forced Google to roll out more intuitive features to Duo, and the latest result of those is the screen sharing feature.

Sharing screen with other parties isn’t a common feature among video calling apps, and that’s what distinguishes Duo from the rest. With the feature, Duo will let your display be shared to the other party on call and let him/her follow along in real-time.

A new icon has been placed inside the app right above the camera switch icon on the left to serve the screen sharing purpose. Tapping the button will prompt a warning message that reads “Duo will start capturing everything that’s displayed on your screen.” Once you proceed, Duo will seamlessly stream your display after taking you to the home screen. A red border will be overlaid across the display to remind you that your screen is being shared.

Screen sharing can be paused or stopped anytime during the call, thanks to an additional red button that’s always on. Putting an end to the screen sharing will return you to the normal Duo call instead of cutting down the conversation entirely.

The feature is available with version 34 of Duo that is being rolled out to users gradually. Additional changes haven’t been brought around, but the version is definitely preparing the app for an inbound feature that would let users reply to a voice/video message in a similar way rather than just placing a call upon viewing. We would know more of it in the due time. Asof now, you can keep checking the Play Store to see if the update has become ready for your device.

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