Lenovo to Launch a True Bezel-less Smartphone Sans the Notch Next Month

May 16, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Lenovo isn’t exactly the name that would pop-up on people’s minds when speaking about breakthrough innovations in the smartphone industry. But that’s about to change if going by the indications of Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng.

Accordingly, Lenovo is working on a smartphone that would embrace a true bezel-less phone for the very first time in the industry. This would mean that we would finally be having an all-screen device that would get rid of both the notch and the chin, both of which has become an accustomed feature in modern day full-view display smartphones.

It started with the reveal of a design sketch of smartphone named the Z5, depicting an all-screen device that achieves a display-to-screen ratio  close to 100%, or more precisely above 95%. That’s more than impressive, as the greatest the smartphone industry has achieved till date hovers over the 90mark.

It was followed by a couple of additional teasers that proved the existence of the device. Partial images of the smartphone were revealed by Cheng, giving us the first glimpse of the notch-less and chin-less screen. Cheng has also indicated earlier that the device would come with four new technologies.

Indeed, all of them would be related to the all-screen form factor, but not just confined to the display. Those should also be covering the front-cam and earpiece areas. Earlier technologies have given out solutions in the form of a pop-up selfie cam (Vivo Apex) and piezo electric sound transmission (Mi Mix).

Finding in a solution for the aforesaid would takedown the notch, but it would also be equally important for the device to minimize the chin. Apple’s iPhone X managed to cut it down by folding the bottom part of the OLED panel. It appears that Lenovo would embrace the same path for finding a solution with the display connectors.

Additional specifications aren’t available at the moment. Given the breakthrough innovations it would be packing, we can expect flagship specifications and hardware to be roped in, which should certainly push the Chinese manufacturer under the limelight after quite a time.

The company has remained off the buzz more recently. Interestingly, Lenozo is one among the very few companies that haven’t yet made the jump to notched display. It all now seems for the good though. The Z5 will be unveiled in China on June 14.

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