HTC’s Block-Chain Based Exodus will Transform Your Device into a Cryptocurrency Nod

May 16, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HTC has just disclosed to the world that its work within the smartphone industry isn’t confined to notches and bezel-cutting. Instead, the company is also working upon its hardware to help the industry make a big jump towards block-chain technology.

At the sidelines of the block-chain conference, HTC announced that it was working on a new device with the backing of block-chain technology that will help the decentralization of smartphone apps and services.

The smartphone, dubbed the Exodus, will offer on-board support for cryptocurrency protocols including the likes of Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dfinity, and Lightning Networks. With Exodus, HTC will be attempting to decentralize the smartphone application by building network nodes for the cryptocurrency network.

The company has also put focus over its new DApps, short for Decentralized Apps, which will be the key to providing a decentralized ecosystem with the Exodus. HTC says that it will be offering a streamlined user experience with the DApps that will act as the gateway to the ecosystem with its friendly interface.

The Exodus project is being helmed by Phil Chen, who has recently taken charge as the Chief Officer of the decentralized operations wing of the company. Chen is the same person who has pioneered the VR wing of HTC, more popularly known to the mainstream as the Vive.

Apart from HTC, the block-chain technology is also being worked upon by a few other companies including Huawei. The latter is rumoured to be working on a block-chain device based on Sirin Labs’ system. Additionally, BitVault and Blacture are also in the scene claiming to be the world’s first block-chain based smartphone. But none of them has yet been made available to the public, and HTC could grab that claim if they manage to put the pieces together quickly.

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