Google Clips AI Camera can Now Shoot More Candid Family Moments

May 14, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Clips, the AI-backed camera that was designed to capture the moments you would miss with your smartphone, is getting bettered to deliver the promise it makes. The camera is now getting a firmware update that’s aimed to recognize and capture more of the unpredicted events and moments.

Google Clips, the one of its kind camera, was launched with an aim to capture those moments which one would have given a miss when capturing through manually operated cameras or smartphones. The device features a display-less design that captures snaps automatically in between events and conversations to come out with candid snaps. Just keep it on and the device would keep picking up moments from your life without the timely press of a shutter button.

The camera however received mixed response upon release. Although there were praises from a few for the way it capture snaps automatically, users did rose had worries that Clips were missing snaps which they thought would have been captured. It’s based on this feedback that Google is upgrading the firmware to capture more from your lives.

With the update, Clips will now be able to recognize additional moments like hugs, dance, kisses etc. so that it can snap them and deliver them to your smartphone. That sounds more attractive given the use of the device, but we are yet to receive how well Clips manages to pick up those moments.

Google Clips make use of onboard processing unlike Google Photos’ cloud processing, which in a way limits the capabilities of its AI. Google says that it has kept cloud processing off the device to ease off privacy as well as power consumption worries. That said, Google doesn’t seem like bringing in a hardware update for the device in the near time. But the small, yet worthy expansion of its AI prowess could really prove useful for the handy little camera from Google.


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