Microsoft Snip Insights is Here to Retrieve Intelligent Insights from Screenshots

May 11, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Artificial Intelligence is playing its part in numerous applications and services today, and one such area is in information retrieval. Google has already demonstrated its AI capabilities in the field with Lens, and now Microsoft is stepping in too.

Snip Insights is what’s its being called, and the app comes as an output of the Garage Project from Microsoft. The basic function here is assumable, and that’s to retrieve all the useful information from images.  But instead of having it retrieved images captured through the lens, Microsoft is putting the service in use for images generated within the system, i.e. the screenshots.

Snip Insights, as suggested by the name, retrieves information from screenshots you snip on the Windows device. Windows have made the desktop app well tuned that it could even fetch the information from a scan of book and convert it into a proper editable document. All you have to do is just snap a few snaps, and then wait for the app to do its task.

Microsoft Garage has also leveraged the Cloud AI services to make the most out of screenshots, like detection of image content, translation of texts and other such tasks. Content recognition is one service that gets highlighted, since you might come across multiple objects inside Windows when surfing.

Say you are interested in a random object you have come across while browsing, and Microsoft will guide you to shopping sites with similar items once you take the snip of that product. Similarly, Snip Insights can also recognize famous people, places and landmarks from the snipped images. Content recognition isn’t the most talked about features of AI, but it still comes handy in such applications by saving us the time and effort in doing such trivial tasks.

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