Gmail Expanding Smart Reply Feature to Help You Compose an Entire Mail

May 10, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google introduced a small ounce of its AI in Gmail with Smart Replies, which was initially available for the mobile app version. The feature, which is now available in the new version of Gmail, lists a few automated replies that could be inserted to respond to mails based on the context.

Now, the feature is getting a big expansion, as Google is further planning to deploy its AI onto Gmail with a new feature called Smart Compose. Like the name suggest, Smart Compose is the expanded version of Smart Reply, bringing the feature to an entire mail rather than just short replies.

While Smart Reply generated short replies not longer than a few words, Smart Compose would help create user create an entire mail based on the context. The feature makes use of its AI to predict inputs and provide related suggestions while composing a mail in the form of an entire sentence/phrase. Additionally, it will also help you conclude or start a mail based on other parameters, like sending out weekend wishes as a conclusion when composing a mail on Friday.

The suggested sentences and phrases will appear alongside while you type, just like when inputting search queries in Google bar. Users can insert them by just hitting the Tab button on their keyboard.

The Smart Reply feature, which was unveiled at the Google I/O keynote, is also getting rolled out to users in quick time. The rollout will be in a gradual phase, but Google assures that the feature will be available to all the Gmail users by the coming weeks.

To check if you are already provided the access to the feature, just enable the Experimental Access feature that can be found under the General tab in your Gmail settings. Do make sure that you have made the switch to the new Gmail version to enable the feature.

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