Google Expands Assistant Capabilities in Wear OS

May 7, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google is deploying its personal digital assistant to get the better out of Wear OS, the dedicated OS for the range of wearable devices. Ahead of the Google I/O conference scheduled for Tuesday, a slew of new features have been announced for the Wear OS to uplift the wearable department.

Much of the new features are centered on Google Assistant so as to make the OS more convenient to use with. One such feature is the integration of smart suggestions with which Google Assistant will now come up with an array of follow-up questions when thrown with a question.

The suggestions would remain contextual to the conversation. Say you ask about current weather status, and Google Assistant will list other inquiries like weather forecast for upcoming days in addition to displaying the result for what was being asked for.

Instead of just displaying the results on the watch face, Google Assistant now also gets the ability to answer back via watch speaker or Bluetooth headphones. This can include answers to queries about day, commute times and much more.

Google Assistant is also extending its reach to third-party actions. Every smartwatches running in the Wear OS will now be able to perform these little actions that would either be built by Google or third-party developers and publishers. With that said, users will be able to perform countless operations like controlling a remote device using their smartwatch, thanks to the countless number of Actions that are being developed by the aforesaid.

Google hasn’t mentioned when exactly the features will start showing up on the Wear OS devices. But what’s guaranteed is that the features will arrive soon globally, with the rollout expected to get completed over the next several days across the globe.

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