Instagram Starts Rolling Out Video Call Feature; Redesigns Explore Page

May 3, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

No matter where the features get introduced, Facebook will most have almost all of them infused to all of its social media platforms at one point or the other.

That’s something we have seen over time, and this was the very reason many was hoping for the entry of video call feature in Instagram, something which WhatsApp and Messenger users have been long enjoying. Now that circle is becoming complete with the rollout of the video call feature to Instagram.

The feature comes along with a set of other new features that have been rolled out to the photo hosting app via the new update. That also includes a redesigned Explore page with repositioned buttons on the top of the page. With the redesign, Instagram is handing out new swipe options to jump across categories and surf through posts related to a particular category.

Explore page has traditionally remained the discovery page of Instagram where people could access suggested contents, peoples or brands to follow. It’s not the first time that the segment is getting a redesign. Previous updates have overhauled the page by bringing in Stories under it alongside showing photos from familiar people. Instagram had also recently prioritized videos inside Explore.

As with the video chat feature, Instagram is only testing the feature although it has started appearing for many users across the globe. The feature is expected to be made global soon. For those available, you can start video chat by simply tapping the camera icon at the top of a direct messaging thread. Users can also opt to minimize the chat and continue with it while browsing the app. Apart from individual calls, users can also make video calls to small groups.

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