Facebook is Giving Parents More Control over their Kids inside Messenger Kids App

May 1, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Facebook’s Messenger Kids is one among the latest offerings from the social media company, offering an exclusive messaging platform for the kids with a certain degree of control handed out to the parents. Despite Facebook having set some parameters in terms of contacts, Messenger Kids received its share of criticism for luring kids into the social media platform.

Now, Facebook is trying to be more stringent with the kids by handing out further control over the app to the parents. In fact, the newly introduced feature is what every kid-exclusive app ought to have. Called the Sleep Mode, the new feature in Messenger lets parents turn off the kids’ access to the app completely during particular time.

Facebook has headed to user feedback for the new feature after having received requests for turning off the app during times such as when having dinner, doing homework or during bed times. The good part is that parents can set the particular time and interval for which the app should stay off.

The parameters can be set in the Parental Control page of the parent’s Facebook account. Timings can be set individually, and different time periods can be set for each day depending upon weekdays and weekends.

Once set, kids will be denied access to any of the app’s feature including messages, camera, video calls etc. All that will be displayed will be a message informing the kids that the app is in sleep mode, requesting them to come back later.

In addition to Sleep Mode, Messenger Kids also feature other parental control features like modifying the contacts in Kids’ account, deleting the account, creating new account from the control panel etc.

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