Apple Working on VR/AR Headset that Could be the Real Game Changer

May 1, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple’s apparent interest in augmented reality has fuelled stories paired with augmented reality glasses off late. But the Cupertino Company isn’t interested solely in AR, it seems. Instead, the company is vamping up its interest in virtual reality to come up with a powerful product that blends the two inside it.

Newly emerged reports suggest that Apple is on the works for a new VR/AR headset that will have robust power compared to the rival products from the likes of Google and Facebook. The headset alone sounds packed with high-end features, with the device reportedly said to feature two 8K-resolution displays for each eyes.

Indeed, that’s a massive step up from the current VR headset that struggles to up the resolution inside. But what truly distinguishes Apple’s headsets from the rest is the source. According to the source, Apple’s VR/AR headset won’t be powered in-built, and neither will it need to be wired with PC or smartphone for streaming contents. Instead, Apple will have a dedicated dock to which the headset can be wirelessly paired using second-gen WiFi called 60GHz WiGig, or the 802.11ay standard.

On papers, that would effect in better speed and range for the VR headset. Despite having dedicated dock, it won’t be coming out as a distinct Mac device. But it would feature some robust power, as the dock is expected to feature Apple’s most powerful processor, the very processor that’s likely to be featured in future Mac devices.

Additionally, it’s also reported that Apple will ditch the use of any external camera for movement for tracking the user position. Combining all these, Apple sure looks to turn on the heat in the hardware department, the very way it did recently with the software aspect of AR. Apple’s AR kit that was released with the iPhone X had the best of what we have seen until now in AR. And a blend of VR taste in that with the power-packed hardware could push the AR/VR tech to further heights.

Things could take its time though, as Apple is expected to launch the headset only by 2020. Being in the early stages of its development, warning does accompany that the project could be shelved or altered before it comes out.

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