Amazon Alexa Becomes Kid-Friendly with New Echo Dot Kids Edition Speakers

April 30, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Amazon has just welcomed a new young member to its Alexa-based Echo speaker family, and it’s really young. The tech giant has just launched the Kids Edition of its low-tier Echo Dot speaker.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition, said to have been created with kids in mind, dons a new kid-friendly protective case available in the shades of blue, green and red. It’s a good addition, given the size of the speakers besides considering the age group to which the device is dedicated.

Inside the casing is the normal Echo Dot speaker device, but with added features that would throw only age-appropriate music. Alexa will answer the queries like it would do normally, but it also will now focus on other kid-activities like telling stories and managing other minor-focused features. Besides, Alexa will also be listening to voice commands that are formulated for kids, like asking Alexa to play dance music or querying about the length of a day on Mars.

The features come under the new FreeTime service introduced by Amazon, which the company says can also be activated for other Echo devices including Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus speakers. The unlimited subscription to the service also offers access to kid-focused skills and ad-free kid-exclusive radio stations like Radio Disney, Nick Radio, and Kids Hits.

Amazon hasn’t forgotten to add the parental control with the new speakers being a kid-focused device. Parents can monitor the time limits, set bedtimes, review the kids’ activity etc. using the speakers. The Alexa app will now feature an Amazon Parent Dashboard with which contents from Amazon Music can be filtered for the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Detailed review capabilities include access to usage time and duration, history of last used skills, disabling voice shopping etc.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition is available at $79.99, which is higher than that of regular Echo Dot speakers. Amazon is providing one year unlimited subscription to FreeTime for that charge. Users can also grab a discount of $30 if purchasing two units together.

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