Opera’s Touch Browser is Here to Enhance One-Hand Browsing Experience

April 28, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Smartphone displays are getting bigger, and increasing along with it is the mess in handling the device with one hand. This becomes the most frustrating with the browser, as most of the modern-day browsers put the address bar and menu on top. But Opera has launched a new browser that could bring some big relief to those concerned with two-hand browsing.

Called Touch, the new browser from Opera is a minimal app that gets the done job the easiest way. Like almost all other browsers, Touch’s address bar floats on the top portion of the screen. But what makes it different is a new quick access button, called the Fast Access Button (FAB), placed at the bottom that brings out almost everything you want.

Hitting the button will let users directly access the address bar to start searching in Google or head to a URL. Long-click the button and Touch will throw at you additional options like access to all the recent tabs, new tab opening, most viewed sites etc. Users can also access sites by scanning QR code or by using microphone by tapping the bottom menu.

In a sense, Opera Touch’s bottom menu is similar to the split bookmark menu that is available as a flag in Chrome. In Chrome, however, there isn’t any option to access the address bar directly without stretching out the fingers to the top. Chrome though had earlier tested the flag feature with Chrome Home, putting all the menu options along with the address bar at the bottom. The feature has been recently replaced with Chrome Duplex.

Additionally, Opera Touch also features the new feature called Flow, which lets you exchange files, notes and links with your PC. The end-to-end encrypted feature depends on QR code scanning instead of passwords to build the bridge between PC and mobile browser.

Opera Touch is currently available for Android, but it will soon be made available for iOS as well. As for Android users, you can download the app now from the Play Store.

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