Google Photos Gets Robust Video Editing Features with Latest Update

April 23, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google Photos is not anymore just a photo storage app. Instead, it has transformed into a hub for sharing, storage, and editing of both photos and videos. As a result, Google is introducing new editing capabilities to the videos.

An update to the Photos app is now rolling out to smartphones, carrying with a set of new powerful tools for movie editing. Earlier available for Google Photos for iOS, the features are based on the Clips app developed by Fly Labs and acquired by Google three years ago.

The new movie editing tool helps users to simultaneously play with multiple clips. Additonally, Google has also simplified the design, but with more advanced editing options. The old dark theme now gets replaced with a white theme, while preview screen has been pushed to the top of the screen.

Clips and media are stacked with indicators similar to the video editing tools available for desktop. The drag and drop feature now makes clip positioning easier than before. Additional options include moving clips up and down in a timeline, showing and hiding unused portion of clip, inserting new clip, duplication etc.

The features are available on v But videos edited using the new tools can also be accessed via older versions of Google Photos.

Despite the introduction of the new tools, Google Photos still lacks a few other basic features such as flipping/rotation of clips, support for addition of texts and themes to videos etc. Maybe Google will have them rolled out in a future update. Until then, the new features are sure something to play with. You can get the latest version of the app from Google Play.

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