Google is Finally Upgrading the SMS Experience in Android with Chat

April 21, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Google has had several shots at improving the SMS experience in Android. Unfortunately, none of them proved good enough, not even the much hyped Allo messenger app. Ever since, Google has been working on a unified SMS replacement build from the scratches in tie up with phone operators around to world. Now, that very service is shaping up to appear on Androids, and it’s called Chat.

Google’s new service won’t be called Google Chat, instead it would only be called Chat. That’s because much of the service would pop in courtesy of the carrier. In fact, the Chat is not even a separate app like the Allo. It’s a service that would appear on the default SMS app of your Android, which in most devices is the Android Messenger.

The RCS based chat will enable enhanced communication using SMS with features like media sharing, read receipts, typing indicators and more. Unlike the iMessage, Chat will have these messages depend the mobile data, though it may depend on carrier on whether to alter it or not. Messages will be converted back to normal SMS incase the recipient doesn’t have Chat services. Chat will however not be having end-to-end encryption, making it less secure as compared to iMessage.

Android Messenger will be the app to receive the feature at first, but Google will have it expanded to default messaging apps of smartphone vendors including that of Samsung. We are not sure if Chat will be available for iPhone though. For other devices, Chat should arrive as soon as next month depending on the carrier.

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