Google is Experimenting New Navigational Gestures for Android P

April 16, 2018, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Notch support isn’t the only feature that is being borrowed from the iPhone X by Google for its upcoming smartphone OS iteration. Apparently, Google is also working on iPhone X-like navigational gestures to replace its current set of navigational buttons that include the home, back and recent apps button.

According to a newly obtained screenshot, Android P will replace this set with a new scrollable bar that will feature only the back button along with it. The option to fade out the back button when inactive has also been included to make the scroll bar standout in the display.

Google is incorporating multiple functionalities to the pill-shaped bar with the main functions being to open the recent apps tray when slid up. These could be interchanged and newer functions could also be allotted accordingly.

This is the second feature which Google is borrowing from the iPhone X after it was earlier confirmed that Android P would include in-built support for notches across the display. However, the navigational gestures are still a long way off from being confirmed.

Google has had the habit of experimenting with multiple features before having them wiped out entirely in the final version. The current gestures have been put up in place on a similar note. So chances are that we might be missing the pill-shaped bar entirely in the final version of Android P.

A wait till May would be the best way to check if Google would have the feature included. Google will be having its I/O conference in May 2018, and it would be serving as the platform where Google will show off the Android P OS to the mass for the first time. The official launch is expected to follow that.

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